Nimita Dhirajlal posing in kitchen
Nimita's cuisine is delicious, authentic, Ayurvedic and nourishing. She cooks with so much love, dedication and spirituality. Dr. Roopa Chari, MD & Deepak Chari, M.S.

Nimita in the Kitchen at Furgonson.

My heart’s intention…

bubbles from the desire to empower others to be able to nourish themselves in every aspect of their lives. In all the areas I have been fortunate to work in, this has been the philosophy I have stood by.

About Me…

I pride myself in being able to offer Ayurvedic meals geared to support health through a vegetarian diet by collaborating with local farmers and finally nurturing members of our community.

The abundance and variety of fresh vegetables in our local market allows my cuisine to conjure up a modified version of Indian food that focuses on allowing us to respect the flavors of each vegetable while still enjoying the spices.

I have been a culinary instructor since 1994. I have taught in the Canary Islands, Spain and have been actively teaching in the community of Santa Barbara since 1996. Venues where I have taught include SBCC Adult Education, Roblar Culinary School, Private Meetups, and SB County Jail.

My commitment to nurture the community embraces every sector including the Hispanic community with which I delight doing group work in my job as a therapist. More than often, I integrate the art of cooking with therapy work.

What we are all looking for is connection. When we work with food, appreciate it, understand its benefits and share it with community members, we are feasting our souls and healing happens in a subtle way. There is also a meditative benefit that come along with the mindfulness of cooking.

My passion has led me to create my own company, Nimita’s Cuisine, which offers weekly deliveries to private individuals. I also actively supports the Meatless Monday campaign and am committed to bring this awareness to my local community.

My business motto is: “Let me teach you how to make the meals. And if you don’t have time to make them, then let me bring them to you to enjoy.”


About My Teacher

Swami Vidyadhishananda Giri has been my honorable teacher and Guru who continues to lovingly perfect the art of integrity in both my life and in my cooking. I feel so fortunate to have such a high caliber Himalayan monk’s presence so close at hand since he lives in the mountains of Carpinteria. I invite you to visit his Nonprofit’s website at the following address www.swamahiman.org.

Image of Lord Dhanvantri The God of Healing and a chant in sanskrit

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