Links and Resources

Please enjoy some of the recommended sites listed below. We are grateful to their contributions to our local and extensive communities:

  • Adult Education Santa Barbara City College


    Adult Ed SBCC is a privilege for our community. Their dedicated teachers and staff have made it possible for so many of our members to continue learning new skills and to pursue their life passions.

    Indian vegetarian cooking classes are offered every semester by Nimita. To view class schedule and programs, please visit.

  • Blooming Lotus Ayurveda


    If you are looking for an Ayurvedic consultation by a deeply attuned practitioner recommended first hand, then Jennifer is the one to go to. She currently teaches at the school of Ayurveda in Albuquerque.

  • Chari Center


    The Charis are committed to bringing you health and rapid recovery through their sensitive attunement and their cutting edge technology. They are a delight of a highly qualified family to work with and are committed to seeing you in your path of full health.

  • Fess Parker’s Double Tree Resort

    Fess Parker's Double Tree Resort Santa Barbara Weddings

    Fess Parker’s Double Tree Resort is our local gem. Their extensive grounds, breathtaking gardens and ocean views makes it one of the most exquisite venues to relax or to celebrate weddings, parties, and events that guarantee absolute satisfaction. Their attentive and friendly staff promise ease on every occasion.

    We are honored to be their preferred caterers so that we can bring you the best for your auspicious occasions.

  • Goodland Kitchen


    Goodland Kitchen offers a clean and comfortable space for our community members to cook from.

  • John Givens Farm


    John Givens started John Givens Farm in the Goleta Valley under the “Something Good” label in 1980 with 1 acre. Over the years, John Givens Farm grew slowly to its present size of 180 acres in 12 locations stretching over 30 miles. Their goal is to provide fresh, local, organic produce of excellent quality all year long.

    We love their produce and welcome them wholeheartedly to our kitchen.

  • Lazy Acres

    Lazy Acres logo 2

    Lazy Acres Market brings selected and healthy products to our local and extended communities. Their friendly and helpful staff is visible all across the board. We love the fact that Lazy Acres participates in so many of our community outreach programs.

  • Local Harvest Delivery


    Local Harvest Delivery is run by a very friendly, mindful, and dedicated staff. Their goal is to bring you the best of the local, organic harvest to your door. You can order our products through their basket deliveries as add ons.

  • Maharani Ayurveda


    For high quality Panchakarma treatments and local consultations, Corinna Maharani comes highly recommended as an Ayurvedic practitioner and instructor. Clients report to have had profound healing experiences trough her work.

  • Marciano “Rocky” Chan


    Marciano “Rocky” Chan is dedicated to nurturing your backyard farm to bring an abundance of harvest to your home. He is an active educator in our community and produces high quality crops that bring unique flavors to our cuisine.

  • Megan Illgner

    Megan Illgner - website maintenance, graphic design for Nimita's Cuisine

    Megan has been providing graphic design and web maintenance services to Nimita’s Cuisine. You can find her website here:
    Megan joined the team recently and has been maintaining this site after its initial development.

  • Merryl Brown Events


    For high-end events carrying style, care and originality, we recommend Merryl Brown. We love that she is environmentally friendly and is also committed to offering you the best.

  • Out of the Box Collective


    Out of the Box Collective brings you the best of Santa Barbara’s produce to your homes in Thousand Oaks, Malibu and Los Angeles. They are committed to bringing you gourmet meal plans, with their harvest deliveries along with add ons by our local artisans.

  • Pacific Health Foods


    Pacific Health Foods brings health and warmth to the community of Carpinteria. Joana and Nathan offer selected brands of health that promise only the best.

  • Plow To Porch

    Plow to Porch introduces their clients to new varieties of local organic/pesticide free produce and foods. Products are seasonally grown, letting nature tell us what our bodies require. You will receive the best local organic/pesticide free produce and foods at the best price without having to leave your home. You, in turn, help support biodiversity, clean air and a sense of social responsibility and stewardship of the land. You will know your farmers. By participating in Plow to Porch you are supporting your community and contributing to healthy living for both your family and our planet.

  • Swami Vidhyadishananda


    Swami Vidhyadishananda is my teacher and fountain of knowledge that flows in the cooking. The integrity found in our cooking is a direct reflection of the integrity that Swami V. role models for all of us, in his actions, his speech and thoughts. His blessings have made it possible for us to offer the health spread and the wisdom of Ayurvedic secrets of cooking. He continues to teach and inspire us with his spiritual and educational wisdom that strives to preserve the Vedic knowledge passed down by our ancestors.

    I invite you to visit the nonprofit website for more information.

  • The Sacred Space


    Jack and Rose Herschorn bring you the finest treasures from all around the world and present these to you in the most reverential form through their sacred venue; The Sacred Space. They also offer inspiring classes led by acclaimed guest speakers as well as private space for intimate parties.

  • Tri County Produce


    We all love our local, produce store in Santa Barbara, dosage Tri County Produce. Together, Jim and John Dixon have successfully grown Tri-County Produce to be a well established local Santa Barbara business with a great reputation for Quality, Value and Service. Tri County Produce inspires our community with all the contributions they make.

Call Us: 805-259-6594