Our Philosophy

Integrity is the key to our cuisine’s foundation. At Nimita’s Cuisine we believe in supporting our local farmers as they assist us in the abundance of freshness they bring to our table.

Our produce is handpicked and washed carefully in order to discard any residual, unwanted debris from the fresh vegetables. The vegetables are prepped fresh and all the grains are slow cooked in the spirit of Ayurvedic practices. Our staff prides in cooking with techniques that incorporate mindfulness. Our staff members understand the value of the “bhava” that goes into the food. Bhava is the energy of intention. We appreciate our clients’ for trusting our integrity, quality and service – making it in turn a privilege for us to nurture you.

Since nurturing is our goal at Nimita’s Cuisine, we love assisting pregnant moms and our young ones too. We tailor and integrate our spices in accordance with ancient, Ayurvedic principles that are geared to rebalance our body through nutrition.

Closeup of hand adding vegetable matter to a compost binMindfulness is carried over all the way to your table in the way that the meals are packaged too. We use biodegradable and earth friendly containers, to support our Mother Earth and to keep our food intact from free radicals found in plastic containers. We believe in composting to give back the Earth’s nutrients. For home deliveries, we use glass, mason jars (that can be recycled) to bring you our intended integrity from farm to table.

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