What People Are Saying

Thank you for providing a much needed service of delivering truly great tasting Ayurvedic and Indian traditional food to our home. It’s got the love of home made food and it has simplified our dinner time and shopping needs. We know your high ethics so we trust what is in the dishes in these times of highly genetically modified and chemically grown food and truly unhealthy stuff that is served in most restaurants and sold in most markets. It’s always a surprise and pleasure to receive our order and dine on your creative and delicious dishes. Jack & Rose, owners of The Sacred Space

I have been eating Nimita’s Cuisine for over two years and I absolutely love it! The food is tasty, fresh, and my body always feels good during and after I eat it. The presentation of the food is unique, personal, and professional. This type of vegetarian Indian food is nothing like you find in the restaurants. It’s not heavy or greasy, and incorporates more a variety of vegetables, such as in the Butternut Squash Curry. Highly recommended! Brian Falk, Acupunturist and owner of Unified Medicine

Nimita’s culinary gift is truly a blessing to all of those who like to eat healthy, nourishing foods but may not always have the time to prepare it themselves.  She uses her vast knowledge of Ayurvedic cooking to create delicious meals that are designed to suit each persons individuals needs and her dishes are made with the outmost integrity.  She and her friendly staff are a delight to work with and I have been recommending her to all of my Pancha Karma patients. Corinna Maharani, owner of Maharani Ayurveda

Delicous, fresh and reliable. Nimita’s cuisine has been a staple of our diet for months. We enjoy our weekly delivery and are grateful for having the opportunity to try both standard and new dishes. Beryl Kreisel

The flavors in Nimita’s meals are delicious. I’ve asked her, “What is in this? How did you make this?” She smiled and said she makes it with love. And I can definitely taste it. Nimita has been delivering her savory cuisine to my door every week for many months and I’m a very happy customer. Thank you Nimita! Angie

I get my delivery from Local Harvest Delivery each Saturday’s and I love getting Nimita’s curry and rice. It makes my saturday so mellow. I get produce and dinner at the same time. The curry is fresh and tasty, I would never makes a meal like this. I love to also add the Cilantro chutney and the Raija. SO YUMMY! Client from Local Harvest Delivery

Nimita’s Cuisine is what I order when I don’t have time to cook. I can still can enjoy a delicious meal cooked with care and attention to detail — just like I would cook at home. I really appreciate all the work that goes into preparing, cooking, and adding special spices to the vegetables so their true flavor comes out. Kristine[/quote]

Nimita opened my eyes to the variety of flavors that curry brings out in the neighborhood produce. I’m a convert to ayurvedic cooking.Debbie B.

Consider yourself pre-warned – you’ve never experienced food this fresh with such an unimaginable combination of spices – forget the restaurant. This IS your new Indian restaurant!Sara M.

The first time I experience Nimita’s Cuisine was a Curry sauce. I took it home and when opened it the fragrance and color inspired me to create a full Indian meal. It was obviously homemade curry and not a package you’d buy and mixed with water. Lots fresh flavor can’t wait to do it all over again. Chuck Henderson

We have been honored to have Nimita provide her miraculous food for our monthly Bridging Heaven & Earth show filmings.  Both the Bridging family/crew and our audience guests from all over the world have been so impressed with the taste, quality, presentation, and vibration of Nimita’s many ayurvedic culinary offerings.  We would certainly recommend Nimita to anyone interested in the finest in healthy culinary delights. Allan, Producer and Director of Bridging Heaven and Earth

Thank you so much for “coming to the rescue” when a close family member had surgery and we needed food that was really, really clean, i.e., no SOS (salt, oil, or sugar).  Keeping the whole house supplied with tasty and nutritious plant-based protein and other fun items was exactly what the doctor ordered.  It freed up my time so I could be more with my family than shopping and cooking and cleaning.  We are so grateful. Cheryl Tomchin

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