Where to Buy

In Santa Barbara you can find Nimita’s Cuisine at:

  • Lazy Acres

    Lazy Acres logo 2

    Lazy Acres Market brings selected and healthy products to our local and extended communities. Their friendly and helpful staff is visible all across the board. We love the fact that Lazy Acres participates in so many of our community outreach programs.

  • Pacific Health Foods


    Pacific Health Foods brings health and warmth to the community of Carpinteria. Joana and Nathan offer selected brands of health that promise only the best.

  • Plow To Porch

    Plow to Porch introduces their clients to new varieties of local organic/pesticide free produce and foods. Products are seasonally grown, letting nature tell us what our bodies require. You will receive the best local organic/pesticide free produce and foods at the best price without having to leave your home. You, in turn, help support biodiversity, clean air and a sense of social responsibility and stewardship of the land. You will know your farmers. By participating in Plow to Porch you are supporting your community and contributing to healthy living for both your family and our planet.

Call Us: 805-259-6594