Business Luncheons

Close up image of yummy Indian appetizer

Nurturing You at Work

Nimita’s Cuisine would be honored to serve your hard working staff members to a healthy, nutritious and satisfying meal.

The meals are designed to promote vitality and nurturance to support a stress free internal environment.

We proudly present you some of our offerings:

The Healthy Agenda

A Splash of Salads from around the world.

Tabouli (Lebanese salad)
Greek Salad
Cachumbar (Indian Salad)
Russian Beet Salad
Santa Barbara Salad

*Accompanied with warm pita bread

Exotic India

India bringing you the finest of her dishes.

Seasonal Curry (fresh vegetables in a curry sauce)
Seasonal Daal (lentil based soup with seasonal vegetables)
Raita (refreshing cucumber-yogurt dip)
Spicy Cilantro Chutney
Sweet Mango Chutney
Saffron Rice

Ayurvedic Taste

India’s most ancient medicine in balancing and restoring the hard worker’s day

Kitchadi made with seasonal vegetables (rice and lentil based dish)
Ayurvedic Daal (lentil based soup to pour over kitchadi)
Cachumbar (fresh cabbage salad)
Cucumber Raita

International Tour

Travel your palette around the world as you brainstorm ideas.

Samosas (bite sized appetizers)
Moroccan Cous Cous
Butternut squash, coconut curry (India)
Fatoush (Lebanese Salad with pita bread)
Saffron Rice

Simply Tea and Dessert

Sweeten your meetings with an array of delightful desserts and sip on authentic Indian Chai.

Nankhathai – semolina, coconut and ghee cookies
Mexican Wedding Cookies
Semolina Halwa

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