Catering: Pure Indian Cuisine with a Santa Barbara twist

Close up of savory muffins

“I am not that familiar with Indian Food.
What do I order? How do I eat it?”

A typical Indian meal is served in a Thali (A large round steel platter with little cups inside it. The items listed below are placed in the cups and rice is placed in the center. Some areas will accompany the meal with regional breads too.

Indian meals are designed to bring all 6 flavors to your palatte, making the whole meal a satisfying, complex and fulfilling experience enjoyed by the whole body.

6 Flavors in a dance; Sweet, Sour, Salty, Astringent, Pungent, Bitter

Because the meal is designed to integrate all these into the palate, all the items in the meal are served together and are mixed with each other during the sitting according to personal taste.

Dessert is typically served as a side to the meal to infuse the flavors along with its sweetness.

A Full Indian Menu of your choice for special events (minimum 6 people)

Prices vary according to the order. Feel free to contact me for a quote. Follow me on Facebook.

Tiffin Catering

A wonderful earth friendly way to cater your parties. Food is delivered in tiffins (stainless steel containers), available in all sizes. Upon delivery, these are ready to be served directly from the tiffins. Great model for businesses and individuals who want to enhance health and consciousness raising in our community.

Our offerings will change according to the seasons and what our local famers bring that week. Therefore, many of our menu items are not mentioned here. Call us for this weeks menu.

Call Us: 805-259-6594