Healthy, Satisfying and Nourishing

We bring you only the best from our local farms.

Meatless Monday Baskets

Full array of flavors delivered right to your door. Simply heat, serve and enjoy.

Elegance and Taste

We bring you exquisite flavors with a royal touch.

Cook and Share

A wonderful way to commune while learning how to cook some of your favorite dishes.

Pure Indian Vegetarian Cuisine

Nimita Dhirajlal delights in sharing the art of cooking that has been passed down to her from generations.  She views cooking as a form of alchemical art where the experience of cooking becomes a meditation in itself.  This is the secret behind the unique flavor found in the dishes.  Also all the cookware is used strictly on vegetarian dishes.  In this way the full “prana” of the vegetables is left intact.  Nimita uses only the highest quality ingredients.  She supports the local farmers.  The food is slow-cooked with very little oil, making the dishes healthy and nourishing.

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Weekly Basket Delivered to You!

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